Pennsbury High School Golf Team


About the Team

  1. Golf is a Fall sport. The golf season begins in the middle of August and runs through the middle of October.

  2. The team consists of 16 golfers (male & female).

  3. 8 golfers play in Varsity matches.

  4. 8 golfers play in Junior Varsity matches.

  5. Golfers will play in Varsity or Junior Varsity matches based upon performance.

Practice & Home Match Location (Yardley Country Club)

Match Format (V & JV)

  1. 16 golfers play in a match:  8 from Pennsbury vs. 8 from the opposing team.

  2. Matches are 9 holes in length.

  3. Golfers play in foursomes:  2 golfers from Pennsbury & 2 golfers from the opposing team.

  4. The lowest 5 scores from each team are added up.

  5. The team with the lowest 5 score total, wins the match.